About African Monarch Lodges

African Monarch Lodges (Pty) Ltd. is a Limited Liability Company registered in Windhoek, Namibia. It was created to develop and operate joint venture tourism lodges within Namibian National Parks and Communal Conservancies.   We wanted an umbrella organization from which to launch our new collection of developments.  To date we have the management and maintenance agreements for Nambwa Lodge and were just awarded a second concession where we will build another conservation lodge.  Our projects to date include:

Nambwa Lodge Development and Usage Plan – a shareholding opportunity being built in a concession in the Bwabwata National Park. Nambwa Lodge Pty holds the lodge lease agreements with the Conservancy.

Matota Island – a camp to facilitate the training of Field Guides. It is situated on the southern boundary of the Mudumu National Park on the banks of the Kwando River in the Eastern Zambezi (formally known as the Caprivi) in the far north eastern part of Namibia. This is a Joint Venture partnership with the Balyerwa Conservancy, and is committed to employing local residents where possible; skills development of local residents; and shares revenues generated through guide training and visitor stays with the Conservancy and its members.

Mashi Cultural Group Traditional Village – a destination set up in Mayuni Conservancy

Dusty Rogers

Primary Shareholder

Position: Managing Director, Lodge Management, Stakeholder Liaison, International and Regional Marketing

Dusty Rodgers is a seasoned entrepreneur whose passion is conservation. He grew up in various countries throughout Africa, and made his home in Namibia more than 20 years ago. Dusty has always spent time in the bush and rural areas, getting to know the communities where he ventures and invests. In fact, his approach to generating benefits for local communities and respecting their values and expectations, has helped to shape Namibia’s foundation for its network of nature conservancies. Dusty works hand in hand with the World Wildlife Fund to develop Conservancies. He is well-known and well-respected internationally. His ability to develop and manage lodges in the most remote areas with little or no infrastructure is not only impressive but has a widely felt social impact, employing and training local communities to initially build and ultimately work in the lodges.

Dusty is a successful lodge developer and operator

Dusty was the founding member of both Islands in Africa and more recently the Caprivi Collection of lodges. These include:

  • 1993 – Kalizo Lodge – upper Zambezi
  • 1994 – Impalila Island Lodge – Impalila Conservancy
  • 1998 – Kubunyana Campsite – Mayuni Conservancy
  • 2000 – Susuwe Island Lodge – Mayuni Conservancy
  • 2005 – Ntwala Island Lodge – Impalila Conservancy
  • 2011 – Lianshulu Lodge – Mudumu National Park
  • 2012 – Mashi Cultural Group Traditional Village – Mayuni
  • 2013 – African Monarch Training Academy – Balyerwa

We are accomplished tourism professionals

African Monarch Group is the umbrella company that oversees four branches of tourism services that work together to create the best possible experience for guests to Namibia.

As a collective, the African Monarch Group generates awareness of nature conservation in Namibia. We work closely with rural communities and conservancies, to ensure guest experiences are well managed to give back to the people and wildlife affected most by the land uses. Essentially, our focus is on promoting responsible tourism.

The primary shareholder is Dusty Rodgers, a passionate conservationist who set up six very successful Namibian joint-venture lodges before founding African Monarch Lodges. He and his partners are known tourism industry professionals, both internationally and within Namibia.

African Monarch Lodges

We are committed to developing lodges that protect the wildlife; respect the environment; and that give back to the communities in sustainable ways.

African Monarch Lodges (Pty) Ltd, is a limited liability company registered in Windhoek, Namibia. It was created to develop and operate joint venture tourism lodges within Namibian National Parks and Communal Conservancies. African Monarch Lodges has Management, Marketing and Reservation agreements for both Nambwa Tented Lodge, Kazile Island Lodge and The Village Courtyard Suites in Windhoek.

Projects AML is undertaking to date include:

Nambwa Tented Lodge
– this shareholding opportunity is built on a private concession within Bwabwata National Park and opened in December 2014. Nambwa Lodge (Pty) Ltd holds the lodge lease agreements with the Conservancy.

African Monarch Hospitality & Guide Training Academy – this was initially established to facilitate the training of Field Guides. It is situated on banks of the Kwando River in the Eastern Zambezi. It is committed to training and employing local residents where possible. Soon to be added is the Guest Experience Hospitality Training.

Kazile Island Lodge – this shareholding opportunity is due to be developed on a private island concession within the park commencing August 2015.

The Village Courtyard Suites – a collection of 10 luxury self catering suites and apartments in the heart of Windhoek.

Mashi Cultural Group Traditional Village – a destination set up in Mayuni Conservancy.

Planned projects AML will be undertaking:
Ski Villa in Europe

Live-on dive boat in the Maldives

Upmarket luxury Apartments in Swakopmund

African Monarch Hospitality & Guide Training Academy

The guide-training academy was established in 2013 to educate field-guiding personnel in Namibia by developing curricula and attaining recognition from key National and South African training institutes. The goal is to build a Namibian workforce of qualified field guides. The academy is also readying guides to meet the future regulatory compliance requirements of the Namibian Government.

The Academy currently delivers training both at Nambwa Tented Lodge, and at various other lodges (on site) throughout Namibia who are interested in having their existing guides obtain accreditation.

The Hospitality Training Academy will be established to impart to previously disadvantaged individuals the necessary skills and attitude to be placed as Service Ambassadors within the African Monarch Group of Lodges or the Namibian Hospitality Sector at large. Pursuant to the Namibian Vision 2030, we aim to place competent people in the right places with clear job descriptions to prevent duplication of efforts.

At African Monarch Lodges we believe our employees form the heart of our business. It is therefore our wish to ensure we employ individuals from the local communities and to then train them at our Academy where they will receive world class hospitality skills development. The hospitality curricula comply with the unit standards set by the National Qualifications Agency. The African Monarch Guest Experience Management Company is currently setting up clear and defined standard operating procedures by which all African Monarch Lodges and products will operate. Our Service Ambassadors will be trained on how to create meaningful experiences guests will remember over and above good service.

African Monarch Recruitment

African Monarch Recruitment is a sister Company and ensures there are trained Field Guides in Namibia and finds

placements for these graduates. They also help tourism facilities and highly qualified persons to fill a wide range of vacancies. Their list of clients includes some of Namibia’s most prestigious lodges and large corporations. We can place all students from AMHGTA in student practical positions as well as guarantee them employment once they complete their training.