Our Involvement

We are primarily concerned and committed to the long-term conservation of the few remaining pristine wildlife areas within the Zambezi Region in Namibia. We believe that the future of these wildlife areas is dependent on a strong committed partnership between Government, private investors and the local communities that live alongside these wildlife areas. Tourism activities must remain sensitive to the integrity of wildlife areas whilst offering real concrete benefits to local communities.

African Monarch Lodges generates awareness of nature conservation in Namibia. We work closely with rural communities and conservancies, to ensure guest experiences are well managed to give back to the people and wildlife affected most by the various land uses. Essentially, our focus is on promoting responsible tourism.

African Monarch Lodges recognizes the significant contributions of the local people to conservation and collaborates with them to foster our shared commitment to environmental stewardship. Our integrated holistic approach to conservation incorporates traditional knowledge and cultural values and results in tangible benefits. We work as a partner, making sure that the needs of the communities and local priorities are identified and addressed.

Our programs target urgent threats, secure land tenure and access, support local rights and improved governance, and strengthen livelihoods. Our initiatives support the rights of the local people to participate more fully in making the decisions that will shape their futures.

Community Benefits

  • Community members have great new employment and career opportunities at African Monarch Lodges
  • Conservancies in conjunction with African Monarch Lodges unlock human capital by providing new access to diverse training, skills development and capacity building
  • Conservancies generate significant income for community development projects through partnerships with us
  • Conservancies are catalysing local economic growth and the emergence of a new entrepreneurial spirit
  • African Monarch Lodges are contributing to an improved rural democracy and are empowering individuals, especially women, to actively participate in decision-making
  • Because conservancies now earn economic and other benefits from wildlife, poaching is unacceptable and the presence of wildlife is promoted


Sustainable Tourism Initiatives

undertaken by African Monarch Lodges

The Mayuni and Mashi Conservancies, the Mafwe Traditional Authority and Dusty Rodgers have been partners in a number of successful projects over the past 20 years.  Some of the projects they have collaborated on include:

Mashi Cultural Group Traditional Village

In 2013, African Monarch Lodges established a Traditional Village for the sole benefit of the Conservancy.  AML contributes to fund the project and will encourage guests from its lodges to visit the Village in order to boost revenues for the Conservancy and in return, share the vast cultural history with our guests.

Mafwe Traditional Authority

African Monarch Lodges provides on-going support to the Traditional Authority.  Recent examples of materials and services we provide include the drilling of a bore hole for water, buying and laying water piping to their buildings, providing water holding tanks, furnishing their community hall with chairs and tables, funding local inaugurations, anniversaries, and celebrations, and more.  African Monarch Lodges is currently building traditional structures at the Traditional Authority for shelter when there are functions and gatherings at the Traditional Authority.

The Mayuni Community Trust

As partners, we strive to achieve the correct balance between ecological requirements, the profitable and efficient operation of sustainable tourism establishments and local community development and upliftment. To achieve this, African Monarch Lodges has included the Conservancies in which it invests into its project on:

Revenue sharing models based on a percentage of turnover generated

Skills development and training – hands on site training

A shareholding in the establishments we develop in these areas

Mayuni Cultural Center

Through community involvement and partnership with NGOs, government and local artisans, the project hopes to provide a creative environment through a cultural center at Kubunyana Island as a complement to the conservancy system. This center will be a place of opportunity for adults and youth at risk of working, offering:

Creative options in the fields of arts and crafts

The promotion of cultural products including performances and exhibitions

Elevate local culture and diversify the local economy

Increase future employment expectations for youth while raising awareness of local issues