Spectacular nocturnal wildlife sightings

Nambwa Tented Lodge has been experiencing some spectacular wildlife sightings recently.
Here is one of their latest guest experiences:

“The cool air washes over our faces as we sit on the back of the game viewer, following the light as it floats over the grass plains on our left, and the dense Terminalia woodland on our right. Beavan, our guide on this night activity, was on the spoor of something and we could sense his natural bush instincts leading us.

“Listen!”, says Beavan quietly as he points to the left. The barking became louder and we could hear leaves rustling and hooves pounding. Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by darkness. Beavan had switched off the lights and within a moment we were surrounded by a herd of impala, rapidly moving past us. Their alarm calls broke the silence of the night and we could almost feel their fear. As if directing a show, Beavan ignites the scene before us placing his spotlight directly onto a majestic female leopard only meters away.

However, her focus was not us. She moved ever so softly and with great purpose. Her eyes focused on the bush beyond our vehicle. In a flash, she was gone.

“She was spooked” said Beavan. The light moves over the foliage on the edge of the tree line and then we see the hyena. His head lifting slightly, sniffing the air. He looked at us for just a moment before moving off into the bush. We were mesmerized! Adrenalin pumped through our veins as we watched these amazing nocturnal carnivores.

Nambwa Leopard night
Nambwa Night Safari
Nambwa Night Safari