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Sacred Alchemy

Harmonizing the Whole

Sacred Alchemy is a journey through the body into the heart of the soul.

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Most of us have become content with varying degrees of fragmented disconnection. Disconnection from our purpose. Disconnection from our essence. Disconnection from our passion, pleasure and the self-sourced eros that activates and enlivens even the most mundane of tasks. Despite years of spiritual practice or personal growth, most of us just can’t seem to shake that inner ache for deep and profound communion.

But it needn’t be so.

For countless years, both Taoist and Tantric practitioners have used the innate intelligence of the body as a tool for personal, professional and spiritual liberation.

Join Melissa Mukaiwa and Sven-Eric Müller for a 5-day exploration of divine union through the tantric healing arts. Together we will slowly purify your physical, mental and emotional bodies to release the layers of conditioning that limit you from activating your life-force energy in it’s entirety.

Using the power of somatic movement, yoga, meditation, various energetic healing modalities, breathwork, sacred ceremony, sound healing and intuitive dance; Sven-Eric & Mel will gently support you in accessing the most profound states of divine union and transcendent, ecstatic bliss — first within yourself and then with everyone else.

The retreat will take place in the Bwabwata National Park in the East Zambezi Region of Namibia where Dusty, Tinolla and the Nambwa Team will be your hosts.

These breath-taking bushscapes will create the sacred container for discovering your inner anima-animus, your latent Shakti as well as those shadow parts of your masculine-feminine expression that you may have unconsciously suppressed. 

Immersed in the potent, healing backdrop of our Northern Namibia wild, the practice of Sacred Alchemy will bring all of those tired, numb, lost and conflicted parts of our being back into wholeness. It will bring all of our bodies fully home.

“Do not let the past disturb you, just leave everything in the sacred heart and begin again with joy!

Healing Meals

Our expert culinary team will support your energetic and physical release by providing balanced meals that are full of both micro and macro nutrients.

All of our fresh produce is locally sourced from The Sijwa Project —our sustainable, community empowerment initiative, which is located along the banks of the Kwando river.

We pride ourselves in the adherence to strict conservation and permaculture principles throughout the plant-to-harvest process and would be happy to cater to your specific dietary needs.

Our retreat meal plans could be based on either of the below:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pegan
  • Fasting
  • Keto

Meet your Facilitators

Melissa Mukaiwa

Melissa Mukaiwa

Melissa is a Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation & Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher. She is a Transformational Life Coach, Sacred Sexuality Facilitator, A Breathwork Facilitator, Host, International Speaker & Speaker Trainer as well as a Trauma Release Through Dance practitioner.

She is also currently completing her 300 hour YA Training as a Bhakti Yoga Teacher as well as an Advanced Breathwork Practitioner.

Melissa holds an honours degree in Business Science from the University Of Cape Town. She began her work as an educator in 2013. Since then her coaching and mentorship footprint has spread to 8 countries across the globe, where she’s trained hundreds in person and online.

Melissa’s passion for wellness and personal empowerment took root in the founding of a local community development initiative called “Just Breathe”. Since 2017, they have served more than 3000 people at their LIVE in person community events. In 2019 her community development work saw Melissa being invited to travel to Rutgers University in the United States as a Mandela Washington Fellow.

She is also the Founder and CEO of PR, Marketing & Creative Solutions Company, Nica Creative.

Melissa describes herself as an irreverent optimist and student-teacher to the core whose work is geared toward a singular goal:

“The Activation of Human Potential to the Betterment of Us All.”

Learn more at and

Sven-Eric Müller

Sven-Eric has enjoyed an 12 year performing arts career that includes classical ballet, contemporary dance, film and musical theatre. In this time he worked for the Bovim Ballet before immersing himself in Musical Theatre with features in shows such as Cabaret, West Side Story, Funny Girl, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and many more.

Though much of his training took place in South Africa, his spirit has never been far from home, with Sven returning to host technical dance workshops and even creating the 2018  contemporary ballet “Aivilo” for the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN).

Like so many, his plans for 2020 – which included teaching and performing in Berlin – were derailed by the novel coronavirus.

Back in Windhoek, Sven-Eric now offers stress relief, deep healing, confidence training and redefinition through an intuitive use of the embodied arts.

Rather than focusing solely on technical skill, Sven helps people (even those with zero movement or performing arts experience), release stored stress and trauma while tapping into a personal reservoir of creativity, confidence and authentic power to help them find growth, healing and opportunity even in the midst of our current Covid climate.

Sven Eric


This Retreat Is For You if:

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. One of the most crucial parts of grounding this work is having the ability to stay open and receptive to whatever is presenting in the now.

Sven-Eric & Mel will pitch each session at the appropriate level for the retreat group.  We will all be entering each session with an open “beginner’s mind” so no experience is necessary.

Not at all. Sacred Alchemy starts with yourself.

An important part of this retreat is teaching you how to uncover your True self beyond your wounds and attachment trauma so that instead of desperately using relationships to prove your lovability, they can instead become a tool for sacred union and connected growth.

Many of the practices will be performed on your own, many can be comfortably performed with strangers.

There will be exercises that will be wonderful to perform with your partner but we’ll have alternate options and variations for those who are single.


It’s also important to remember that there are all sorts of intimate relationships. If you’re not seeing ayone romantically, bring your sibling or best friend so you can learn the practices with them.

You will not be the same person walking out of this retreat so it will be nice to have someone to reflect, reminisce and continue to grow with.

This is a gentle healing retreat, not an advanced intimacy training.

Most of the practices we do will look like things you’ve already done (movement, yoga, energy work, meditation) it’s just how we do them that will make all the difference. 

All of our workshop sessions will be fully clothed and involve little to no physical contact (unless you’re in a couple and would like to physically connect with each other in a gentle way that is appropriate for our group context).

Two of our foundational principles are participant comfort and consent. So every workshop session is also 100% optional and you will never be asked to do anything that you don’t want to.

Though the experiences we go through are quite profound, we will not be moving too deeply too quickly.

The unfortunate truth of our time is that most of us have been conditioned to experience shame, anxiety, trauma and even boredom around embodiment and intimacy.

Even the most gentle introduction to this work can be quite emotionally charged for some, so we will not be going into advanced practice without request.

The level at which we pitch the retreat will depend completely on the preferences of the group.

That said, there will be considerable free time to heal and immerse in the beauty of our property so those who are already quite advanced can engage Sven-Eric and Mel for more challenging teachings during this time.

Melissa Mukaiwa & Sven-Eric Müller Facilitate – Sacred Alchemy
Alchemizing The Sensual To Heal The Soul

5 Nights
2 October – 7 October 2022

Sven Eric
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What to Expect

“Intimacy is conscious connection through a willed state of vulnerability. Get there and watch your entire life change.”

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Sven Eric and Mel
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this retreat is inclusive of:

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