Nambwa Tented Lodge

Located on ancient elephant migratory routes perched high amongst majestic tree canopies

Nambwa Tented Lodge

Honouring the elephants’ right of way, a timber walkway, towering above these gentle giants, meanders through the trees and joins the ten luxurious tented suites of exquisite comfort. Tastefully decorated with natural colours and evoking a gentle balance of serenity. The decadently spacious tented suites open completely and emanate a feeling of vastness and opulence.

As dawn breaks your morning tea or coffee, together with homemade biscuits, are personally delivered to your tent by your guide. From the privacy of your treehouse deck, watch the sky illuminate with hues of purple and amber and re-energize for the day’s adventure ahead.

The main feature, and the heart of the lodge, is the majestic viewing deck, from where your “open to sky” dining, with rewarding views of the floodplains below, are more than often the playground for large herds of elephants, buffalo and plains game that later seek refuge and security under your tented suite for the night.


The elegant Safari Lounge creates a perfect fusion of energy and relaxation, which emphasises a sense of place. A library with a mixture of vintage artefacts and books, as well as small relics found on site while building the lodge on this historical military area, all encourage touch and exploration.

Often, a game drive away from the lodge becomes so unnecessary as the elephants and wildlife meander through the camp. Sundowners are then enjoyed from the safety of the decks or lengthy walkways, only meters above these animals as they traverse below you and go about their feeding.

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