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Photo – a gift from the Hanssen Family, Okonjima Nature Reserve, during Dusty’s own healing journey. Photo taken by Robin Maeter

Nambwa with its power to draw in elephants along their age-old migratory routes welcomes you to tap into the wisdom of your heart.

Nambwa Tented Lodge suite

We invite you to immerse yourself into a sphere of healing energy at Nambwa Tented Lodge nestled high amongst majestic trees, honouring the elephants’ right of way below. An authentic walkway joins ten decadently spacious tented suites, which emanate a feeling of vastness and evoke a gentle balance of serenity.

Tinolla will be your host, together with the experienced team and carefully selected facilitators for enchanting retreats that merges with the grandeur of the natural environment.

Our retreats will offer you a variety of modalities embedded in pristine wilderness locations where you will be guided into inner journeys of healing and compassion for yourself, others, and all of Nature. You may find deep emotional freedom work, or embark on shamanic journeys beside hippo pools. You may even find healing in art projects, or find leisure, silence, and fresh air to rest and digest. At all times you will be creating memorable moments as you explore the area on foot, by boat or vehicle. You will be carried and embraced by your facilitator and our team throughout.

“Do not let the past disturb you, just leave everything in the sacred heart and begin again with joy!

Healing Meals

We are here to create a transformational safari experience that focuses on actively improving your wellbeing with fun, immersive wellness adventures. To support your energetic or physical release during the retreat we ensure our menus are fully balanced when it comes to micro and macro nutrients. Our menus are made up of nutrient dense foods that are gentle on the digestion and that gives you energy and makes you happy.

Our trained Local Chefs will carefully prepare meals tailored to fortify your healing journey with natural ingredients.

We offer mostly plant-based food on our retreats and occasionally there will be optional sustainably and ethically well sourced animal-based products.

Allow us to cater to your specific dietary requirements by advising our reservation consultants upon booking.

Our retreat meal plans could be based on either of the below:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pegan
  • Fasting
  • Keto
  • Sattvic Meal Plan

Our fresh ingredients are sourced from The Sijwa Project, our sustainable conservation project located along the banks of the Kwando river, where we pride ourselves with the strict Permaculture principles followed from planting to harvesting.

“Much more important than any words spoken is to live with our hearts open, to empty ourselves of false beliefs, to be mindfully anchored in the present moment, to no longer be caught up in our false personas…to be awake. To realize that every man, woman, child, bird, insect, flower, cloud, river and tree that we look upon is another reflection of our original face, a unique creative expression of this entire Universe.”


walkway at Nambwa Tented Lodge
Nambwa Luxury Lodge Bedroom
monkey sitting in tree

Our Upcoming Retreats

Nambwa Family Retreat

15.04.2022 - 18.04.2022

African Monarch Lodges’ Junior Ranger Mini-Course offers a thrilling opportunity for families. Meanwhile, Mums and Dads will be free to join in with the learning, or perhaps join the variety of activities available, including game drives, boat safaris, bush walks or fishing trips.

Activate Your Divine Purpose

12.06.2022 - 17.06.2022

Learn simple Techniques validated by neuroscience, micro-biology and quantum physics to shift the perception of your reality. Redesigning your future and quantum jumping onto your highest available timeline.

Diving Deep, Rising High: Journey to Your Sacred Feminine Essence

Facilitated by the internationally renowned women’s retreat facilitator and sacred space holder, Emmi Mutale, this experience provides you with an unhurried deep dive into your feminine essence and enables the gentle unraveling of decades, generations and lifetimes of beliefs and programming that may have been holding you back.


Join Melissa Mukaiwa and Sven-Eric Müller for a 5-day exploration of divine union through the tantric healing arts. Together we will slowly purify your physical, mental and emotional bodies to release the layers of conditioning that limit you from activating your life-force energy in it’s entirety.

When the Body Speaks

Join Liezl & Sybille on this 5-day transformative retreat in the Bwabwata National Park in the East Zambezi Region of Namibia, that will help you become your own body whisperer & an active participant on your journey of healing.

A Sense Of The Sacred – A Bhakti Yoga Retreat

With the Breathtaking Bushscapes of the Bwabwata National Park as our backdrop; together we’ll be using the power of Kirtan, Chanting, Story-telling, Art, Poetry, Dance, Ritual and Sacred Sound to train our Subtle Senses to pierce the fabric of the Daily Divine

All Our Retreats are Inclusive of:

Retreats in the Wild