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“The Sijwa Dress”
the First garment made at the Sijwa Project

Chanique Rabe, Miss Supranational 2021, designed the Sijwa dress as part of her Nami Nami collection in April 2021. During one of her visits to train at The Junior Sewing School, she took the 4 seamsters from the Sewing Workshop of The Sijwa Project through more in-depth training on how to sew. The Sijwa dress is a linen, easy to wear dungaree style dress. Chanique then taught the women step-by-step how to sew the dress from the pattern she had designed specifically for The Sijwa Project. Once completed the girls modelled the finished garment with absolute pride. 
The Sijwa seamstresses proceeded to make their own uniforms in a bright happy yellow, using the design of the red linen Sijwa Dress.
The Sijwa Dress features on Chanique’s online shopping boutique Nami Nami as well as in the curio shop of Nambwa Tented Lodge. You may also place your order using the online form below.

The official launch of the Sijwa dress took place on the 2nd of October 2021.

This dress is made exclusively at The Sijwa Project, in the heart of KAZA.     

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Order Your Own Daisy Dress!

Long: N$1350 | Short: N$1150

The Daisy dress is one of the first linen dresses that Chanique designed under her clothing label Nami Nami. A silhouette of elegance. This dress shows how simplicity can be worn in any shape and size. It’s such an honour to have our wonderful seamstresses now make this dress exclusively at The Sijwa Project in Vanilla, Sky and Caramel.

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For only N$1350

Limited Edition jewelry Pieces

The Sijwa Project is proud to launch its first LIMITED EDITION masterpiece created by one of our Nambwa guests, Muriel Sadek, who during the last Healing Retreat created a jewelry piece using glass beads skillfully crafted by the Sijwa artisans from recycled bottles.

“I've never thought of myself as "artistic" but creating a piece of jewelry with recycled glass beads which includes my personal intention hidden inside, inspired me. I loved the experience – the variety of recycled supplies and being surrounded by African nature sharpened my creative abilities to create something useful and fitting my personality. I used the glass bead which carries my intention as the favourite center piece. I had fun trying pieces, perusing the tables and finding objects that mean something to me. I chose to make a keyring which I can attach to my handbag and can therefore ‘always have with me’. Unwinding while focused on the unique object and being creative at my own pace, made me think and reflect in a meditative state of mind. When my masterpiece was complete, I felt proud, thankful, and encouraged. I call it “Endless” which adds a sentimental touch and stands for the feeling I experienced while creating, which I wanted to continue in an endless way…. The key ring “Strong” was my second piece where I just followed my heart and different energies. It stands for skill improvement, inspiration, self esteem , a fresh perspective and intuition.”

You too can visit the Sijwa Project during your next visit to the Zambezi Region, home to African Monarch Lodges, where you can create your masterpiece with your written intention melted inside the recycled glass bead where it remains forever.

Muriel Sadek working on her jewellery

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