Recycling Workshop

at the Sijwa Project

“For every ton of waste glass used to manufacture 1 new glass, 1.2 tons of natural resources are saved.”

Glass Recycling Workshop

Our lodges collect and separate glass bottles for the glass-recycling workshop.  We crush the glass and melt it to make beautiful jewellery, décor pieces and artefacts for sale at the centre. The bottles can be used to build wall structures and mosaic tiles for artistic flooring.

We foresee this project to be a hype of activity as we explore various designs for curio resale. The most important part of the glass project will be to one day blow our own glassware to grace the tables of our lodges. This will create awareness with our guests during their dining experiences. Creating awareness increases demand and improves sales of the items skilfully crafted by the individuals we will employ from our community to work at the glass project.

“Our vision is to employ a great number of community members, to give them the necessary training so they can earn an income and be part of the creative team at The Sijwa Project.  By the time our guests return, The Sijwa Project will be a hive of activity for interactive engagement with the community members.” 

Inspired by the excitement and hope instilled into the new seamstresses at The Sijwa Project in October 2020, African Monarch Lodges decided to use the time COVID-19 created by establishing the Glass Recycling Workshop. They brought in an expert in glass recycling and bead making, to build the oven to melt the glass and to train a new team from the community who will remain permanently at The Sijwa Project and work in the Glass Recycling Workshop. Within 3 days of training the energy at The Sijwa Project was electrifying. Everyone stood amazed as the most beautiful turquoise glass beads emerged from the flames. The newly appointed Glass Recycling Artesans believe they are not being taught a skill, but that they are being taught to perform magic. Bottles that normally end up in rubbish pits or find their way littering the escarpments are now being turned into beautiful jewellery pieces at their hands. 

Limited Edition Jewelry Pieces

The Sijwa Project is proud to launch its first LIMITED EDITION masterpiece created by one of our Nambwa guests, Muriel Sadek, who during the last Healing Retreat created a jewelry piece using glass beads skillfully crafted by the Sijwa artisans from recycled bottles.

These beautiful pieces are available for purchase on our Shop page.

“I've never thought of myself as "artistic" but creating a piece of jewelry with recycled glass beads which includes my personal intention hidden inside, inspired me. I loved the experience – the variety of recycled supplies and being surrounded by African nature sharpened my creative abilities to create something useful and fitting my personality. I used the glass bead which carries my intention as the favourite center piece. I had fun trying pieces, perusing the tables and finding objects that mean something to me. I chose to make a keyring which I can attach to my handbag and can therefore ‘always have with me’. Unwinding while focused on the unique object and being creative at my own pace, made me think and reflect in a meditative state of mind. When my masterpiece was complete, I felt proud, thankful, and encouraged. I call it “Endless” which adds a sentimental touch and stands for the feeling I experienced while creating, which I wanted to continue in an endless way…. The key ring “Strong” was my second piece where I just followed my heart and different energies. It stands for skill improvement, inspiration, self esteem , a fresh perspective and intuition.”

You too can visit the Sijwa Project during your next visit to the Zambezi Region, home to African Monarch Lodges, where you can create your masterpiece with your written intention melted inside the recycled glass bead where it remains forever.

Muriel Sadek working on her jewellery

“Man made plastic. We depend on it. Now we are drowning in it!”

Recycling Plastic

Our vision is to recycle all plastic bottles collected from our lodges and the villages in our area. We will build as many structures as possible using plastic bottles. Numerous community members will be employed to fill the plastic bottles with sand and other non-organic waste in preparation of the ‘building site’. Individuals from the community will be employed to build the structures using the filled plastic bottles and cement.

The skill will be taught and transferred into the surrounding areas, which will hopefully reduce the chopping down of trees to build local houses. Donations could be obtained from our guests visiting the project center to setup a fund for the building of plastic and cement structures in our villages.

Our scholars who will be undergoing their practical environmental experience for their Junior Ranger Course at the Project will be trained on how to recycle the plastic bottles and how to build simple structures such as walls. They will understand the value of looking after their environment and how to turn every piece of waste matter into a usable item, which can generate revenue or simply save our natural resources.

Aluminum Recycling Workshop

Coming 2022

Our lodges have started collecting tin cans in preparation of the project. We will build our very own foundry to melt down all tin cans collected from our lodges and the villages in our area. We can also collect tins from nearby lodges. Scrap metal lying around the area can be melted down as well. We will employ individuals from our community and train them to crush cans and work with the foundry and melt down all the cans collected.

Beautiful artifacts will be made from the molten aluminum and these items will be sold at the center and will grace our lodge’s guest tables to create awareness.

The butter pot is a recycled item, which we purchased from a foundry in Zimbabwe. We have these on our tables at the moment and guests are constantly asking to buy these.  The 182 students who will partake in our Junior Ranger Training program annually will be taught these recycling skills and will grow to understand the value of waste and how to preserve our natural resource from the damage of plastic and aluminum.

“The demand for these artistic artifacts is present, the waste resource will be continuous and as much as it is our wish to create beautiful curios to sell it is also our obligation to remove the waste cans from the National Park.  By turning this waste into a product we could sell we create employment and transfer artisan skills to our community.”

How You Can Help the Recycling Workshop

We at African Monarch Lodges, through this diverse initiative, have created renowned guest experiences through intuitive moments of contact with our people. We are developing artisan skills and enriching the lives of our youth and our community whilst protecting the habitat and respecting nature’s course. We trust that you will feel our passion and enthusiasm for the success of The Sijwa Project and would help us achieve the full potential for this remote part of Namibia. We would appreciate any form of support.


  1. We will build 2 aluminium recycling workshops for the melting of the tin cans, the casting and finally the polishing of the final product.
  2. We will build a foundry to melt down all tin cans collected from our lodges, the villages in our area and nearby lodges.  Scrap metal lying around the area can be melted down as well. 
  3. We will buy safety equipment and clothing for the workshops employees
  4. We will employ individuals from our community and train them to crush cans and work with the foundry and melt down all the cans collected. Beautiful artifacts will be made from the molten aluminum and these items will be sold at the center and will grace our lodge’s guest tables to create awareness.

           Estimated Cost/Budget = N$250,000

Bank Details

The Sijwa Project Trust/T530/2018
Bank Windhoek Limited
Acc: 8035149506
Branch: Capricorn Private Wealth
Branch Code: 484-172
Swift Code: BWLINANX

Please use the selected facet of the Sijwa Project you would like to donate to as a reference:

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Project 2: Permaculture Centre
Project 3: Elephant Friendly Beehive Project
Project 4: Tree Nursery for the offset of carbon emissions
Project 5: Aluminium Recycling Workshop
Project 6: Junior Ranger School
Project 7: Pre-school & Library

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