The Junior Ranger School

at the Sijwa Project

The Zambezi Region has a shortage of qualified guides and it is our wish to develop an interest in guiding within the next generation and to start a junior ranger course which starts the ball rolling towards this dream.

We wish to build a classroom in which to setup our Junior Ranger Training program for the Grade 10, 11 and 12 high school scholars at our local school in the Mayuni Conservancy.

In partnership with EcoTraining, we will first perform a ‘Train the Trainer’ Guide Course with adults within our community, giving these selected individuals an opportunity to receive formal training and to thereafter impart their knowledge with the younger generation. Once they have successfully completed the Guide Course and the Junior Ranger Train the Trainer Course they will undertake the role of running our Junior Ranger Course with the scholars.

guide teaching children about local trees

The scholars will receive an accredited Eco Training Junior Ranger Certificate upon the successful completion of the course, which will include work, and training at The Sijwa Project over a 3-year period. The Junior Ranger Course with the 3-year Practical Environmental Program will challenge the young people to find their purpose, passion and place in the world. They need to follow the fundamental principles of our Permaculture and Waste Management Project that will include performing the following:

  1. Complete 1 hour per week for 3 years at The Sijwa Project, where they will care for the worm farms, the compost heaps and learn how to plant and look after gardens

  2. Complete 1 hour per week for 3 years at The Sijwa Project where they will be taught how to separate waste, skills to melt and craft aluminum, crush and blow glass and how to build with plastic bottles

  3. Fully understand the benefits of beehives to protect elephants, combating human-wildlife conflict and how to harvest ‘elephant friendly’ honey, which will be part of the final year Junior Ranger Exam

  4. Fully understand the Principles of Permaculture, which will be part of the final year Junior Ranger Exam

  5. Fully understand the benefits of worm farms and composting for nutrient rich organic vegetables, which will be part of the final year Junior Ranger Exam

How You Can Help

We at African Monarch Lodges, through this diverse initiative, have created renowned guest experiences through intuitive moments of contact with our people. We are developing artisan skills and enriching the lives of our youth and our community whilst protecting the habitat and respecting nature’s course. We trust that you will feel our passion and enthusiasm for the success of The Sijwa Project and would help us achieve the full potential for this remote part of Namibia. We would appreciate any form of support.

We thank you for selecting to stay at our African Monarch Lodges, as your stay makes an enormous difference within the local community through our monthly contributions as a Joint Venture Partner with the Mayuni and Mashi Conservancies.

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Please use the facet of the Sijwa project you would like to donate to as a reference:
The Permaculture Centre, Glass Recycling Workshop, Aluminium Recycling Workshop, Tree Nursery for the offset of carbon emissions, Elephant Friendly Beehive Project, Junior Sewing School, Junior Ranger School, Sewing Workshop.